Transformers 6 - Bumblebee
Paramount Pictures

Transformers 6 Will Be A ‘Bumblebee’ Spinoff

Days ago, Paramount Pictures announced the release dates for the next three installments of Transformers. Now, the studio has revealed Transformers 6 will be a Bumblebee spinoff.

Here’s the scoop via The Hollywood Reporter:

Paramount will sandwich a Bumblebee movie between its next two Transformers pics. The three films will roll out in successive summers beginning with a Michael Bay-helmed Transformers 5 on June 23, 2017, followed by the Bumblebee spinoff June 8, 2018. Another stand-alone will arrive June 28, 2019.

The studio announced the dates for the three movies Feb. 12 but was vague about whether or not the trio would include a spinoff, simply calling the films Transformers 5, 6 and 7.

“There are characters in the Transformers universe that can be and should be made into their own movies,” Paramount Pictures chairman and CEO Brad Grey told The Hollywood Reporter. “We will make the first movie with Michael and go right into a Bumblebee movie, which will be at a lower cost.”

Bumblebee is the homie. So, I’m here for this.

Your thoughts?

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