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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

(Note: This review is 100% SPOILER-FREE.)

A long time ago, in a state far, far, away, I was born into a generation known as Generation X. My generation produced a culture known as Hip-Hop. My generation was the first to be called “Latchkey” kids; kids who came home from school to no parents. Above all else, my generation was privileged to witness one of the greatest movies EVER made…”Wayne’s World”. Just kidding! I’m talking about “Star Wars”. This movie was a paradigm shift in that all other sci-fi films would have to step their game up in a major way. We were mesmerized by it! As crazy as it sounds, “Star Wars” gave many of my generation a purpose in life. A dream was conceived in a lot of us just from watching strange creatures and characters holding bright swords talking about something called “the force”. The impossible seemed attainable after seeing it. Since its inception in 1977, “Star Wars” has become an institution and now, almost 40 years later, Generation X’s kids are about to forge their own dreams with the newest installment entitled “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Is the force strong with this movie, or is it Bantha Fodder (You gotta be a TRUE Star Wars head to get that one!)? Let’s go!

(In my DMX voice) The toys. The curtains. The sequels. The force. The catchphrases. The costumes. Did we love them? Of course! They don’t knooooow, who “Star Wars” beeeee! Yes they do! We all know. The great George Lucas gave the world a cinematic masterpiece known as “Star Wars: Episode 6” which spawned the most iconic franchise in movie history. Now, the prequels were, uh ruh, aiight (I won’t throw shade out of respect, but they weren’t great) so Lucas stepped down and let his padawan (Star Wars lingo) J.J Abrams take over the next series. After much anticipation, he gives us “Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The story picks up 30 years after the epic battle between the Empire and the rebels. Much has changed, much has stayed the same. New enemies…new heroes. That’s all I’m gonna say about the movie’s plot because I don’t want folks flooding my inbox with threats of violence and leaving crazy-a$$ messages on my voicemail. It happens. I will say this; Abrams constructed not only one the best “Star Wars” movies I’ve ever seen, but one of the best MOVIES I’ve ever seen! Dude let the force guide him! He, along with fellow writers Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt, went into the lab, wrote, produced, and directed an absolute banger of a film. This is directed more spectacular than traffic was directed at Michael Jackson’s funeral! Lingering questions are answered while newer, intriguing questions arise, and those questions are JUICY! The entire movie is a marvel to watch. Right out of the gate, from the signature wording of the story explanation rolling up the screen until the end credits, “The Force Awakens” is a force to be reckoned with.

Along with a compelling storyline are interesting characters. John Boyega plays Finn, a reformed Stormtrooper who wants to redeem himself. His performance is amazing. He is just the right amount of funny, serious, hopeless and hopeful. His character is developed perfectly which causes the audience to fall for him and his plight. Daisy Ridley is Rey, a scavenger trying her best to live; survive if you will. Her backstory is purposefully undefined but you can tell she yearns for more in life. It draws you in to her, makes you connect with her. Also, Oscar Issac plays Poe Dameron, an X-wing fighter pilot. He is cool personified, a wise-cracking, heroes hero. There is a new villain in town, and his name is Kylo Ren, skillfully played by Adam Driver. He is, well, you’ll have to look upon him with your own eyes. Let’s just say, he ain’t the type of brotha made for you to start testin. Give him a Smith and Wesson, he’ll have Jedis undressin! Of course, the seasoned characters give the movie nostalgia but not only that, they tell us what has happened to them over the years and re-ignite a passion in us for them. “The Force Awakens” has one of the most comprehensive character developments of any film and that’s why the chemistry between them is flawless. Han, Leia, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO give veteran leadership as only they can (where’s Luke? Hmmm). The cinematography is just…cot-toe-mighty! Watching this movie with updated CGI and beautiful locations is worth the price of admission alone. The Star Destroyers, Tie-Fighters, outer-space shots and everything else look sooooo real. Over-stand me when I tell you this: You WILL become a part of this movie. There is a main character that requires a little more work, however, and that’s my only gripe, but it’s a small gripe and I’m sure it will be fixed for the sequel. You won’t see another sci-fi movie better than “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” this year, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another movie better than it, period. Go see it, you must!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the kind of movie that brings families together. I saw all kind of bonds being strengthened between parents, sons, daughters, nephews, and nieces. I also saw adults become kids again. This movie bridges the gap between two generations – in the film and in the audience. In that brief time, there were no worries, no conflicts. Order was restored to the galaxy for 2 hours 15 minutes. Abrams didn’t want to direct this at first out of fear of destroying a piece of history. I’m glad he changed his mind. You will laugh, cry, sigh, and almost die. Y’all, I’m giving “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” a co-sign CLASSIC! I saw this in IMAX 3-D and felt like I was actually on those planets and in those spaceships. If you have the money, please experience it! The 3-D aspect is f’ing AMAZING. These new generations have a new movie that will shape them, and my generation has a move that will awaken their force. Let me use my Jedi mind trick on you, “You will go see this movie. You will go see this movie more than once”. Did it work? May the force be with you!



Did you see “Star Wars?”

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