Spectre review


The Man With the Golden Gun has a Goldfinger, said The Spy Who Loved Me, and I put this On Her Majesty’s Secret Service; she told me, “This Octopussy is For Your Eyes Only”, but I’d Die Another Day if I left her for the Casino Royale. I guess I’ll be back by Skyfall. Dayum, a brother can’t even get a Quantum of Solace!?

Bond. James Bond. 23 movies have been made about this dude and his escapades and those were just some of the titles (you liked that didn’t you?). He’s been to numerous exotic locations around the globe, saved the world from certain doom over and over, seen more traps than a dopeboy on the southwest side of Atlanta, and loved as many ladies as that legendary rapper from Queens. That’s right – J.B, not the Godfather of Soul, but similar to those letters, no one can do it better. Now, Daniel Craig is back as the world’s greatest spy in the 24th James Bond film called, Spectre. Is this flick as hot as a gadget-filled Aston Martin, or dry like a Martini…shaken, not stirred?

Let’s go!

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