Southpaw review


By definition, a Southpaw is a boxer who leads with the right hand and stands with the right foot forward, using the left hand for the most powerful blows. Southpaws give almost every regular boxer extreme difficulty in the ring and are almost impossible to defeat. In comparison, life can be somewhat of a southpaw. It can keep you against the ropes, constantly punching you and ultimately, knock you out cold. Beating southpaws takes practice, focus, and dedication. It takes consummate determination; a never-say-die attitude. Beating that southpaw called Life is no different. Yeah, adversity can uppercut you hard onto the canvas, but you got 10 seconds to pick your a$$ up and return the favor. In the new movie, Southpaw, Jake Gyllenhaal faces the fight of his life in more ways than one. Is this movie as entertaining as The Rumble in the Jungle, or is it as dull as Mayweather/Pacquiao? Let’s go!

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