Power Rangers Review

‘Power Rangers’ Review

Go Go Power Rangers! Hey, you know the song, don’t front.

“Power Rangers” is the movie version of the 1993 smash-hit television series with a more updated feel. This depiction tells the story of five teenaged misfits and delinquents (Becky G, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, RJ Cyler), who are “chosen” to be earth’s mightiest heroes. They must defend the planet from the evil Rita Repulsa and her giant monster Goldar before she hatches her evil plan to destroy mankind (was that dramatic enough)? The problem is, our five would-be heroes aren’t exactly valedictorian material, so camaraderie isn’t going to be easy.

Now, if you’re like me, the TV show was a bit corny. The dialogue was over-the-top and the creatures were severely cheesy. You must remember, though – that show was aimed at kids. This movie, however, is for kids and the kids-at-heart. It is completely modernized with characters who represent us all, from gender to disability to sexual preference. No, parents, this isn’t an after-school special, but it is a true mirror of the world.

The characters have layers, true problems that teenagers are facing these days. Their individual struggles aren’t the focal point of the movie but they are touched upon to give the movie a “real” vibe. “Power Rangers” is an origin movie that re-introduces them so you can figure out what the plot will be. The subplot deals more on a human level. It delves into acceptance, trust, and hardship – grown folk stuff. The main plot is strictly for the kids. The special effects are a definite plus, much better than the TV show. All the pretty colors and action scenes should hold their attention for a few minutes. There is action in spurts, giving us just enough to tease then going back to some mature-ish dialogue. This is when the kiddies will check out so you may want to pack your patience along with some candy. When the action resumes, it’s fantastic. All eyes will be glued to the screen as Goldar (a bigger, more formidable version of the TV series) clashes with the Megazord.

The use of the GoPro camera gives you an excellent first-person view in a few scenes. It feels like you are that character living through the action. As an antagonist, Rita looks the part but in the back of your mind, you really can’t take her serious because her name is, Rita REPULSA. The names and terms of these things diminish their personas. Like, there will be a meaty action sequence then all of a sudden you’ll hear, “It’s morphin time!” (Sighs HEAVILY) Kills the mood. There’s also some corny dialogue here and there, but it’s for the kids so just grin and bear it. “Power Rangers” is strong enough for adults, but made for the youngsters.

This movie makes up for the bad special effects and lame costumes of the past. The acting is solid and the storyline holds its own against other re-boots you’ve seen. The climax is very entertaining as well. I think a lot of people are skeptical about seeing this as was I, but I can honestly say that this flick was worth my money. I’m co-signing “Power Rangers” to the fullest! For nostalgia, you’ll get a kick out of it. Stay during the credits, too. Yeah, I’m still an “Ultraman” and “Space Giants” fan, but I can see “Power Rangers” making some noise.

Go Go Power Rangers! You know you wanna sing it.

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Power Rangers is in theaters now!

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