The Perfect Guy Review


At what point in the relationship do you finally come to the obvious realization and say, “This mutha@#$%&r is CRAZY”?

Is it when they unexpectedly show up to your job disguised as the Papa John’s delivery person and tell you they want to give you “a pizza their love”? Is it when they get mad because you forgot it was “our 1-month-I-took-a-picture-of-you-while-you-were-asleep-and-posted-it-on-Instagram-and-stared-at-you-for-2-hours-straight anniversary? (Wait, you did WHAT?!) Is it when they constantly follow you to the bathroom because you sound “cute” on the toilet? Yeah, you have “obsession” crazy, you have “stalker” crazy. Then, you have “Michael Ealy” crazy…uh oh. That mutha@#$%&r is REALLY crazy in The Perfect Guy.

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Now, will you want to give this film one more chance or put a restraining order against it? Let’s go!

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