MOVIE SCOOP: ‘The Peanuts Movie’ Review

The Peanuts Movie Review


The Peanuts Movie Review

I know a little kid who has problems galore. You may have a lot of problems, but he has much more! While his friends get top-shelf candy for Halloween, he always gets rocks, and not the kind you smoke – real rocks! Folks are always bum-rushing his house for Thanksgiving, uninvited, and they end up mad at him because all he has to serve is toast and jellybeans. Hey, no one told them to come over in the first place! Oh yeah, he even went out to get a live, non-commercialized, non-plastic Christmas tree…CHRISTMAS TREE…and his so-called “friends” threw shade and laughed him out of the Christmas play. You might know him. He’s a little bald-headed kid who has an eccentric beagle, hangs with a kid who has a blue blanket, and is constantly ridiculed by some smart-mouthed chick who doesn’t know how to keep a football still. That’s right, Charlie Brown! Our favorite loser makes it to the big screen and is crushing on some red-haired cutie. Now, does this movie fly high like Woodstock, or will it make you say, “Good Grief!”?

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