Like rapper Special Ed said, “This is a mission, not a small-time thing.” Tom Cruise is back for the fifth time in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. This time, the IMF faces many impossible obstacles: The possibility of being shut down and a new Villain called The Syndicate, an organization just as skilled and cunning as them, but much more deadly and bent on world-domination. With the first Mission: Impossible coming out in 1996, we’ve seen a lot of impossible scenarios involving Ethan Hunt and his crew. So, how will this new one maintain any fresh plots and keep us interested?

Well, Producer J.J Abrams is in the mix and he doesn’t half-step when it comes to eye-catching action and worthwhile storylines. I can honestly say, he’s keeps his winning streak alive! The movie starts off high-powered, full of action and over 100 “Oh sh*t” moments! The scene that you saw in the trailer with Cruise hanging on the airplane is one the most breathtaking scenes I’ve witnessed – and it’s not even dealing with the plot! The cast of Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson are as entertaining as your drunk uncle at the family cookout.

Nothing is stale about the chemistry between these guys. After all this time of seeing them together, they’re not bored with one another and it comes across brilliantly onscreen. The comedic timing between Cruise and Pegg, who plays Benji Dunn, gets better with each sequel. As a supporting actor, Pegg does his thang! Rhames, who plays Luther Stickell, gets more camera time and a more meaningful role in Rogue Nation than the previous movies and does a wonderful job as well (I see ya, Melvin from Baby Boy!). The additions of Ferguson, Sean Harris, and the other cast members just breathe new life into this film, leaving the audience totally satisfied with its choices in villains and adversaries and how everyone interacts with one another. The entire film is interactive, for that matter. Even when the action – which I’ll get to in a minute – slows down, Rogue Nation has one of the ILLEST movie scores I’ve heard! So, there could be zero action, but the MUSIC becomes the action. The music accompanying someone walking or just looking through files is fantastic! How can simple music keep you in suspense like this?!

Ok, let’s talk action.

Maaaaaan, you’re going to need an oxygen mask trying to keep up with all the excitement! There are gun-fights, knife-fights, pillow-fights, water balloon-fights…you name it; Rogue Nation has got it! Two scenes that stand out will be an adrenaline-filled motorcycle chase and an underwater sequence the likes of which you have NEVER seen before, and will probably NEVER see again! Even if it was CGI, that sh*t looks too dangerous!

There have been a whole lot of action movies on this stage here tonight…but when I say, “Who’s house?” I want y’all to say, Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation‘s house!”

You WILL choose to accept this mission!

This may sound corny and cliché, but Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is the reason why you go to the movies. Well-crafted action scenes, an award-winning plot, great direction, dope music score, superior acting – it don’t get much better than this! Cruise did ALL of his own stunts and I give that man major props for a dude in his early 50’s because uh ruh, I couldn’t have done ANY of ‘em. I’d be like, “Uh, stunt double, you’re up! I’ll be in my trailer eating Sour Patch Kids.”

The only negative I saw was the casting of Alec Baldwin. He did a decent job, but his off-screen antics have sort of made him larger than any character he plays now so it’s hard to see him as anything other than…Alec Baldwin. He plays all his characters the same these days. Oh well, outside of that, this is one amazing movie. I saw it in IMAX and dammit, so should you! I’m giving this a FULL-PRICE Co-sign!

My message may self-destruct in 5 seconds but this movie will be eternal. Go check it out!


Note: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation raked in a whopping $56 million on it’s opening weekend.

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