Minions Movie Review - Brian CoSign


I wanna take a moment and advocate for all the sidekicks of the world. Fred had Barney, Frankenstein had Igor, Jay Z had Memphis Bleek, and currently, Barack has Joe. Being a sidekick is a tough, thankless job; your jokes are perceived as not funny, the pay sucks, and hey, let’s face it – Sidekicks NEVER move up the corporate ladder. As of today, enough is enough! They’re tired of being pacified with $50 gift cards! They’re tired of awkwardly holding drinks/purses while the so-called “fine one” gets all the action in the club only having to constantly hear, “Why aren’t you dancing?” for the rest of the night (That’s personal). To all the sidekicks of the world…UNITE! They want to shine, they want equality, dammit!

In the new movie “Minions”, America’s favorite sidekicks show why their skills are essential, and why they deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Will this movie cast them into the spotlight, or will they be forever relegated to the role of “bathroom attendant,” passing out paper towels and mints? Let’s go!

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