Midsommar Review


Wassup, y’all! I’m not Jay Z, but I’d like to call this review, “In My Movie Lifetime Vol 1” because in my movie lifetime, I’ve seen some rather unique movies.

When the big boss Xavi B and I went to the advanced screening of this particular movie, however, we left the theater satisfied yet bewildered, scratching our heads in utter astonishment like “WTF did we just watch??” That movie, ladies and gentlemen, is Midsommar”.

Midsommar” stars Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. Pugh plays Dani, a young woman who has recently experienced a traumatic episode. She, her boyfriend and his buddies all travel to a rural, remote Swedish community to see a different side of culture and hopefully take her mind off things. It just so happens that the community is holding a customary festival. Boys and girls, this is not the Essence Fest or even the Cannes Film Festival, and by the time the group realizes it, they become Swedish fish in a barrel.

Ari Aster is the director of this disturbingly captivating horror film. He’s the same guy who directed “Hereditary”. Now, that movie kept me up for three weeks straight so I was extremely reluctant to view this flick. I can say that “Midsommar” may not be frightening in the traditional sense, but it is a beautiful, mesmerizing piece of cinema that distributes horror in an exciting new way. Yes, these words might seem colorful, but you will be afraid. You will be very afraid. 

Midsommar Review

The cast gives a chilling performance. The stand-outs are Pugh and Reynor, however. Their relationship draws you in and will make you ponder couples you know or your own situation. The supporting actors are full of life as well, no pun intended. One thing that Aster does is inject this film with funny moments, a big risk for this kind of genre. The comedy is well-paced, not corny at all. It reminds you of that nervous energy comedy. Now, there may be comedy, but ain’t a dayum thing funny about this joint.

This is the most eye-catching horror movie I’ve seen. The cinematography is amazing. You can’t help but marvel at the community and its residents, the lush green forests and popping art. And get this: The action takes place – in the daylight! You need something like this to believe in, because through the course of “Midsommar”, your mind will slowly be blown.

At a leisure pace, scenes unfold which begin to break your spirit. Unsettling is an understatement. This movie has moments so shocking you won’t be able to turn away. All three acts take turns playing with your mind until the very end. This is an outside-the-box horror flick which held my attention hostage. 

Midsommar review

I’m highly co-signing “Midsommar” to the fullest! Daylight saving time can’t save you from this.

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