Here come The Men in Black…Galaxy defenders…Here come The Men in Black…they won’t let you remember! 

Who used to rock out to that Will Smith joint? Don’t lie! Yeah, I remember good ol’ Big Will and Tommy Lee Jones fighting extraterrestrials and zapping people with that blue-lighted flashy thing. Those were the good old days.

Of course, Hollywood wants to resurrect those good old days with more sequels (here we go), this time creating a new division of the MIB with “Men In Black: International” starring Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, and Liam Neeson. Well, after watching it, this “Men In Black” might end up making you see red.

Tessa Thompson plays Molly Wright, a woman trying all her life to find the MIB headquarters which no one else has ever heard off. 

Hemsworth is Agent H, a facetious, defiant yet decorated member of the MIB. Some things happen and the two try to save the world from certain doom, blah, blah, blah.

We’ve seen this scenario a few times, right? So, knowing that we’ve seen this scenario a few times (because I can’t be the only one), I’d think the studio would come up with a new inventive way to save the world from certain doom.

Ok, I’m not sure if director F. Gary Gray was limited by the production company, but this installment in the “Men In Black” franchise is the most unimaginative one I’ve seen.

Thompson and Hemsworth are cool in their roles and yes, they work well together. The problem is that this movie lacks creativity. The universe is full of creatures with immense abilities. What “International” gives us for most of the film is a cast of forgetful intergalactic beings with no personalities.

The one worthwhile addition is the introduction of Pawny, the tiny green character you’ve seen in the trailer. He’s pretty funny, but he alone cannot carry this film, nor is he supposed to. With a budget of this size (around 110 million), you’d expect to see things you’ve never seen before. While that may be true, the special effects just don’t pop. It’s like making a mechanical dog but all it does is bark and sit. This all you gon’ gimme, huh?

Some scenes lack excitement. For instance, there’s a dance scene in a club. If that scene would’ve had a dance-off between, say, one of the agents and an alien, I’d remember that. 

Instead, it’s a scene showcasing the skills of two of the supporting characters – who look human. Why? We’ve seen that before. There is some suspense and a plot twist, Hemsworth is funny and there’s a parody of a certain Marvel character, but outside of that, “Men In Black: International” is an ok movie in a world of summer blockbusters.

I’m giving it a Morning/Midday Co-sign. This movie should not be in the category of, “Hey, you doing anything today? Wanna check out that new MIB movie? Ain’t nothing on TV.” No! This should’ve been something that you absolutely had to see.

Somebody may have to get the production company to look into that blue-lighted flashy thing and make them forget this ever happened. 

Watch The Trailer:

Did you check out MIB: International over the weekend?

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