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‘MA’ Review Written By B. Gunn

If you get home after your curfew, ma is gonna kill you. Nah, you don’t understand. Ma is going to literally stop your heart from beating – due to a beating!

“Ma” stars Octavia Spencer as a middle-aged woman who befriends a group of high school students and invites them over to her house to have parties and drinks. She asks the teens to call her “Ma” which at first seems innocent. But oh, as time goes on, Ma gets a little too clingy, giving new meaning to the term “Helicopter Mom”. Slow down, ma, these ain’t your kids! When the teenage crew decides to ghost her, good ol’ Ma gets grimier than Mommy Dearest! Wire hangers would be a treat compared to what she does.

“Ma” is produced by Blumhouse Productions, the same production company responsible for films like “Get Out” and “Paranormal Activity”. So, given their track-record and the fact that the trailer for this movie looked scary, I was hyped to check this out. Well, as I watched this, my hype started dying faster than Ma’s victims. Octavia Spencer is terrific as the lead character. It’s plain to see that she has suffered from some traumatic experience and that has shaped her into the psychopath that she is today. In fact, the entire cast does an excellent job.

The characters are well-crafted, chemistry is amazing, editing and shot selection are on point. BUT…that script – boy oh boy, that script. “Ma” had every opportunity to be a top contender for suspense thriller/horror film of the year. There was plenty of potential in the script, but it strings us along for an hour and 25 minutes, with real action coming in at the last 15 minutes. The movie is 1hr 40 minutes long. “Ma” could be very well be called “Grandma” because the pacing is slooooow.

The storyline isn’t sure what it wants to do. Pivotal characters are introduced at the beginning for a short amount of time, and brought back near the end, but you forget that they’re even in the movie and what their role was in the first place. Scenes start out one way then go in a completely different direction. I could understand if that was intended to be a plot twist, but here it just threw everything off.

“Ma” is a friendly rated-R movie. It could’ve been much more impactful and I’m not sure why the director held back. There are some scary, violent moments but not enough. What saves this movie are the performances from the cast. They made the best of what they had to work with.

I’m giving “Ma” a Morning/Midday Co-sign. You can check it out if you wanna but don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Normally parents say this to their kids, but I’m going to say it: I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed in you, “Ma”.

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