‘Glass’ Review Written By B. Gunn

So, this is what happens when the world’s most unpredictable director decides to make a sequel with Nick Fury, Professor X, and John McClane.

Director M. Night Shyamalan has created the ultimate unorthodox superhero/super-villain joint with “Glass”, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, and Sarah Paulson.

You could say that “Glass” is a sequel to “Split” which expounds on “Unbreakable”…I know, right? I just heard a collective “HUH??” Let me explain. Nineteen years after the confrontation between Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass and David Dunn aka Captain Poncho (that’s not an alias. I just gave him that name) we now find David, fully aware of his abilities, helping those in need. He’s actually on the trail of a kidnapper/killer, who many believe may be The Horde, played by McAvoy. Now, how does Mr. Glass fit into all of this? He fits into this as perfectly as a glass slipper. In true Shyamalan form, dude concocts an action movie that is more brains than brawn. How Sway?

Here’s where M. Night gets you. What starts out as seemingly traditional fight-laced, action-packed hero flick slowly transforms into a cerebral, suspense-driven escapade.

Remember, this was Unbreakable’s Modus Operandi, so this film continues in that regard. The performances are on point. Willis as Dunn is super-confident. He’s truly mastered his powers after all these years but it’s fascinating to see how cool he appears as he uses them. It’s like watching the world’s most interesting man from Dos Equis with super strength.

McAvoy with all those personalities is fun – for a minute. He effortlessly goes from personality to personality in a split second without missing a beat. However, those personalities tire you out. More on that later. Just the opposite is Jackson’s case. If you saw “Unbreakable”, you’ll remember how Elijah’s personality was. Ok, here, I can’t tell you his personality without giving away his motivation but, uh ruh, let’s say he just flipped the switch like that Drake song…flip, flip.

Paulson as Dr. Staple is your classic psychiatrist. She truly brings out the best AND worst in the others in more ways than one. Can she keep these guys in check? Hmm…

The mind of M. Night Shyamalan is a mystery. “Glass” is a thinker’s superhero flick. You can say that this is more of an origin movie than it is a sequel. There’s A LOT of explanation as to who does what…when…why and how. Dialogue is prevalent, and it sometimes brings down this movie.

Although McAvoy does a wonderful job, all those personalities start to drain you of energy. At one point, I was thinking he was showing his range as an actor just because. Enough already! Tone shifts consume much of “Glass” as well. Action is what gets you in the seats, consistency is what keeps you there. That isn’t always the case, but then again, this is classic Shyamalan.

Plot twists are also classic Shyamalan, and this thing has better twists than your hair stylist! Maaaaaaan listen, you won’t see certain events coming!

Glass” is clear but may need Windex at times. I believe it is the weaker of the three movies but this is a new take on how superhero films are made. Therefore, I’m giving “Glass” a Morning/Midday co-sign. It’s very good. Not great, but very good.

“I must have an angel, ‘cause look how death missed his a$$. Unbreakable, what you thought, they’d call me Mr. Glass?”

I miss the old Kanye…

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Glass is now in theaters. Do you plan to check it out?