Justice League Movie Review

‘Justice League’ Review by Brian CoSign

Justice League, Justice League, Justice League…No, I’m not talking about the production crew. I’m talking about the movie starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Mamoa, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, and maybe, juuuust maybeHenry Cavill.

The world is in its feelings since the death of Superman and crime and despair have taken over. This loss and depression leaves Earth vulnerable for surprise attacks. Batman senses something major is about to happen so he and Wonder Woman organize a search for three others with super powers to form a team, a league, to stop a catastrophic threat. That threat is the destroyer of worlds known as Steppenwolf. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been anxiously anticipating this movie since “Batman v Superman”. While there were mixed feelings about that film, after seeing “Justice League,” I have only one word to describe it…INCREDIBLE!

Zack Snyder and Joss Wheadon directed this and you can tell it has the right mixture of seriousness and comedy. This is unlike any other DC movie you’ve seen. The chemistry between this cast blends better than a smoothie. The opening scene is that of immediate action and sets up the rest of the movie perfectly. Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince have shown amazing growth since their last pairing together. Bruce isn’t as cynical and Diana is no longer that little naïve princess.

Mamoa brings swag to Aqua Man’s character. He has charisma and grit deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. He’s like the rapper Nas of the league. Miller as The Flash is on point! He is the comic relief of the movie and his comedic presence balances out the dramatic scenes perfectly. There’s no buffoonery going on here. His funny moments are innocent yet hilarious. Fisher’s role as Cyborg is the most vital to “Justice League”. He’s trying to make sense of his new body and feels like a loner. If there is one character to have an emotional attachment to, it’s him.

There is much more action in “JL” than there was in “Batman v Superman” – MUCH more. Battles are furious. There’s one fight scene involving the entire Amazons with Steppenwolf which is unbelievable. It’s massive and epic! You have battles in Atlantis, battles in Gotham City, battles in Metropolis…maaaan listen! Steppenwolf as a villain is very formidable. He’s a huge, brooding figure who ain’t taking shyt from anyone. My problem with him is the CGI. His facial expressions don’t quite hit the mark, but that’s about it. He is a worthy adversary for these guys.

The first act sets up backstory for Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. It’s kinda rushed but still effective. Also, most of their powers aren’t fully utilized but understand that this isn’t a stand-alone movie for anyone. It’s almost a tease of sorts to be continued when they do get their solo films, but you won’t be disappointed. Ok, so, I hear you, what about Superman? Lemme say this: Kal El ain’t playing around. And when I say he ain’t playing around, I mean He. Ain’t. Playing. Around! I’m not gonna spoil it, but uh ruh, he ain’t playing around. For those of you who were all screw-faced about “Batman v Superman”, “Justice League” definitely makes up for it. This movie is in a league of its own.

I absolutely loved this film, but there are a couple of side-eyes. The CGI at times is suspect and there are two plot-holes involving one of the characters, and they are major ones. I hope they’re resolved in the next film because it leaves questions which need closure. I found out that Warner Brothers sent a mandate to the production company that this film needed to be less than two hours long. I’m not understanding that. More time could’ve meant more vital character development and maybe more explanations to those plot-holes.

Nevertheless, I had a dayum ball watching “Justice League” and I’m co-signing it to the fullest! There are two end credit scenes that are sooooo suspenseful. You HAVE to stay and watch them. Hey, if you have the funds, check it out in IMAX 3-D, that’s always cool. Don’t listen to any of those idiotic, bought-and-paid-for film critics out there. “Justice League” is one of the best movies of 2017, with liberty and justice for all moviegoers.

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