Inside Out Movie Review - Brian CoSign


Emotions are a trip, aren’t they? One minute, you can be happy. Then, all of a sudden you’re sad. Then, here comes fear and disgust, followed by anger – all in the same situation. We can become more emotional than Carl Thomas!

The most popular rides in our mental amusement park are mood swings and emotional rollercoasters, and the park is open ALL the time for some of us. (Some of y’all are just crazy. LOL!).

When we were young, we did stupid stuff because our emotions were raw, erratic, and more uncut than that late-night BET show. Our parents would ask, “What’s going on in that head of yours?” Well, maybe that was a valid question. Something WAS going on in that head of ours, and in the new movie Inside Out, we get to see what that SOMETHING is, rather, SOME-THINGS.

Is Inside Out emotionally stable, or does it have more personalities than Keyshia Cole’s family members? Let’s go!

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