Hidden Figures Review

Hidden Figures Review

“I’m a survivor! I’m not gon’ give up!” That Destiny’s Child tune should be the theme song for “Hidden Figures”. It’s a biopic that stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae as Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, and Mary Jackson, three African-American women at NASA, who were instrumental in the launching of John Glenn into orbit. Kevin Coster plays Al Harris, the director of the Space Task Group. The focus is on Johnson who, get this, calculated the flight trajectory for Project Mercury and later on the Apollo 11 flight to the moon. How ill is that?! During a time in history where women were looked at as inferior and black women weren’t even looked at all, what these three ladies accomplished was impossible and “Hidden Figures” tells a story of overcoming huge obstacles to make them better and also to make us better.

Henson’s performance as Johnson better get the attention of the Academy Award folks, if not, I bet she’ll have more Twitter and IG followers because her skills are dope! She becomes Katherine Johnson, I mean, you forget that you’re watching Taraji and you’re now looking at one of the greatest minds NASA has seen. She endures a lot of grief at work, but her friends and family offer tremendous support. We feel her joy and pain. There’s a scene involving her and Costner and I tell ya, that scene is the most prolific one in the entire film. If you don’t feel that, you don’t have any nerve-endings!

While the storyline may not focus as much on Spencer’s and Monae’s characters, they definitely have important roles. Octavia’s role may be the most relatable, because, without spoiling anything, she has to wait, overcome and adapt. Her growth throughout the film will be more motivating than a New Year’s resolution. She is the backbone, like a mother.

Janelle continues to amaze me whenever I see her act. Her character has the right amount of rebelliousness and sarcasm, she reminds you of the friend you might not want to take somewhere but you won’t have a good time if you don’t take her. She faces a dilemma and she too must adapt. What make “Hidden Figures” an exceptional film are the character arcs and quality scene selections.

Kevin Costner gives a stellar performance but what will stand out is a very powerful scene in which he comes to terms with what he has been blind to, and tries to fix it. From that moment on, the tone shifts and so does the relationship between him and Henson. Now, as far as antagonists go, there doesn’t have to really be a PHYSICAL bad guy. In this case, it’s racism and sexism. I will say this, though; Jim Parsons is nothing like his nerdy character on “The Big Bang Theory”. I’ll leave it at that.

The plot of “Hidden Figures” is entertaining, but the subplot will be the most thought-provoking one that you’ll see. Also, I was very surprised at how great the special effects were. They ain’t bad! All in all, “Hidden Figures” is a movie that won’t be hidden too much longer. Find it!

This movie is inspiring times ten! In an age where girls look up to reality stars and Instagram models, “Hidden Figures” gives them an alternative. It shows them that using your mind is cool. Fighting for what’s yours isn’t being a b**ch, it’s being EQUAL. The mind will take you places the body can’t. For the guys, this movie should teach them about respect and admiration. The film isn’t preachy or anything like that, but you will subtly get the message.

I loved “Hidden Figures” and I’m co-signing it to the fullest!

Take your entire fam to this one, you won’t be disappointed!