Good Boys topped the box office with an impressive $21 million in spite of the shaky reviews.

Good Boys Review Written By B. Gunn

They say you can’t turn a bad boy good, but once a good boy’s gone bad – he’s gone forever. Hopefully, that’s not the case in the new movie “Good Boys” starring Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams as Max, Thor, and Lucas, three Middle-Schoolers who get invited to a kissing party because, well, that’s a thing. Problem is none of them know how to kiss.

They use their little middle school brains to come up with a plan to learn but somehow that plan turns into a crazy-a$$ adventure involving sex dolls, molly, and beer – among other things! Before I go any further, let me just inform you that Seth Rogan is one of the producers so that you know what you’re getting yourselves into, ok? Cool.

Anything Seth Rogan signs on to, we know it’s gonna be super funny…and borderline offensive. So, will he pull any punches when it comes to some pre-teen kids who can’t even watch an R-rated movie let alone star in one? Hell no! These guys are hilarious. Some material may be inappropriate for viewers under 18 but dayum, you ain’t all that safe if you’re over 18, either. The bond these three actors share reminds you of how it was with your friends back in the day. Just think, all the crazy experiences and things you thought were true at that age are played out in this movie.

However, what they experience is on level-10 compared to our middle school chronicles. The three main characters have excellent chemistry. It’s like they’re friends for real. Their innocence is sweet and once they find out how things really are and how they deal with those harsh realities are funny as shyt! Comedy is well-placed throughout this film. The plot is simple enough but morphs into a monumental adventure for these 11 and 12-year-olds but through our adult eyes makes it even funnier. They make the scenarios bigger than what they are, and that’s what so special about it. It’s just that there’s a ton of cussing and sexual content surrounding those scenarios. Don’t act like this wasn’t you during this age period. Witcha fast tails.

Sometimes the comedy in “Good Boys” is dry and misses the mark. There could be some awkward moments for the audience as well. I was looking around and some of the people in the theater gave that painful “Should I be laughing at this?” laugh, so for those of you easily offended, stay home. This isn’t the funniest of Rogan’s films, and it’s definitely not as good as “Superbad.”

It will make you reminisce of your curious middle school days of when times were simpler when we thought the slightest problem was the end of the world. The best way to view this movie is to put yourselves in the shoes of a teen or tween, and just sit back and enjoy, and for God’s sake, don’t take this thing so seriously.

I’m co-signing “Good Boys” to the fullest. Shout-out to all you parents out there. Shyt is real! Hide your sex toys…please.

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