Fantastic Four Atlanta premiere


When I was a kid, my mom tried to teach me how to ride a bicycle. She put my bike in the trunk and we drove to the local recreation center. Now, I was super-excited! I was about to become a BIG BOY, as my mom would often say. So, we took the bike out of the trunk and she balanced it for me so I could hop onto it. With the training wheels off, she said, “I’m not gonna let go. I’ll be right behind you.” She gave me a big push. I pedaled for maybe a two-foot distance, lost my balance and fell. She said, “That’s ok. Get back on.” So I did…and fell off again. This went on for about 30 good minutes. Somewhere between the 28th and 30th minute, my mom became visibly tired of me not being able to follow directions and blacked…the f**k…out! I found myself on the ground – this time it wasn’t from falling off the bike. After I got up, I became so good at riding that bike I could’ve entered a motocross competition! I learned two things that day: My mom had ZERO patience (she cursed like a sailor), and to keep trying until you got it right.

Marvel Entertainment must’ve hired my mom as a consultant because they’ve tried to make a few movies over and over until they got it right. Hulk…again. Spider-Man…again. Now, the “first family” of Marvel gets a do-over. Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Girl, The Human Torch, and The Thing are back like they never left in Fantastic Four. Will this re-boot make us forget about the last one, or will it sink like a rock, stretch for support, flame out and disappear? Let’s go!

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