Doctor Strange Review

Maaaaan listen, Marvel Entertainment is going to keep making comic book movies well into my Sixties! The newest installment is “Doctor Strange” starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiorfor, Tilda Swinton, and Mads Mikkelsen. Cumberbatch plays Steven Strange, a world-renowned neurosurgeon with a huge bank account and an ego that’s even huger. Well, after a horrific car accident disables him, Strange hears of a treatment that might repair his body. What starts out as a selfish reason ends up as a colossal battle to save the world. If you’re like me, you really don’t know too much about the Doctor Strange character. Well, let me tell you…that don’t matter one dayum bit! This movie is phenomenal in his origin and the action. Cumberbatch made me want to read up on this dude even more. The plot isn’t hard to follow and the rest of the characters have well-developed backstories that give you all the information you need. Cumberbatch gives the right amount of wit and funny one-liners that don’t come off as corny – something that a lot of comic book movies make the mistake of. He is Doctor Strange all day, being a dead ringer for the cartoon character. Some of the characters are different in the movie than in the comic book, however. For example, Ejiofor’s character Mordo is actually a combination of different characters from the comic book. If you don’t know that, it don’t matter one dayum bit! He gives Mordo a stern, serious characteristic believing in loyalty. That loyalty will be tested, and like that song goes, he can be as good as best of them but as bad as the worst, so don’t test him, you better move over! Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One does an excellent job as the mysterious teacher and her chemistry with Cumberbatch evokes trust but also angst. Now, in the comic book, her character is Asian and a lot people were pissed about that, rightfully so. Her performance goes hard but I don’t know if that alone gives her a pass.

As far as the action…COT-TOE-MIGHTY! “Doctor Strange” is completely original and the special effects are f’ing fantastic! No, epic! No, jaw-dropping! It’s like hearing about Disney World all your life then actually going to that mu’phucka! It reminds you of the movie “Inception” but you’re able to understand what the hell is going on and it’s 100 times better! You might think you’re on an acid trip while watching this film with all the vibrant colors and irregular shapes. The way the CGI is used is amazing, y’all. I’ve never seen a comic book movie with special effects of this magnitude. I’m putting it up there with the likes of “Avatar”. One of the highlights of the film is Doctor Strange’s cape. It almost steals the show. The villain Kacellius, played by Mikkelsen, is very formidable. This is what a bad guy should be and look like in a superhero movie. Marvel has a hit on its hands. As your movie doctor, I order to take two “Doctor Strange” seats and call me in the morning!

You never know what to expect with lesser-known heroes and how the audience will receive them. I think you should welcome this flick with open arms. The special effects are out of this world and the storyline is entertaining and in a way, inspiring. Please stick around for the entire movie, credits and all. There are some special things if you wait long enough. You must, and I mean MUST see this in IMAX 3-D! The only thing strange about this movie will be you not liking it!

“Doctor Strange” is in theaters now.

Watch the trailer below.