Deadpool review

Deadpool Review

Disclaimer: The names in this lead-in have been altered to protect the guilty. And me. From the guilty.

Lemme tell you about my cousin Hardnose. Cousin Hardnose was the epitome of #nochill. He was a wretched individual. He owed money to people, took money from people, and gave money to people to take even more money from other people! Cousin Hardnose was a person you never, ever wanted to cross. Ever. He was also a street pharmacist, if you know what I mean. To summarize, cousin Hardnose was basically one big [email protected]#k-up. Me, I was totally different. I played with Star Wars toys, obeyed my mom, and was the class president in 4th grade. I was basically Theo Huxtable. All was well until my mom moved into this apartment complex. All that shyt changed. I was clowned, bullied, and got into fights. I couldn’t fight. The only fights I ever had were making my action figures fight each other! My mom didn’t know what to do, until she had no other option…but to call cousin Hardnose. Hardnose was 10 years older than me, so he had at least 10 years of thug experience, and that made him 19 while I was nine. One day, Hardnose comes to the door and is like, “Ay, who messin wit you?” We went outside, I pointed a couple of ‘em out, and, true story; Hardnose beat them like they were 19 years old. Their parents came outside, and Hardnose beat them like they were 9 years old! Moral of the story is you don’t have to be perfect to be a hero, just like my man Deadpool. As a matter of fact, Hardnose reminds me of the new movie “Deadpool”. Question is, will audiences accept this new kind of superhero movie, or will I have to call cousin Hardnose and tell him to make audiences accept it? Let’s go!

Out of all the superheroes in this world, Marvel Entertainment decides to unleash the unpredictable character Deadpool to theaters nationwide. What were they thinking?! Deadpool isn’t even a hero for crying out loud! He’s a merciless killer, he’s a sarcastic A-hole, he’s, he’s…he’s JUST what the cinematic universe needs! When news got out that a stand-alone movie about the “Merc with a mouth” was under production with Ryan Reynolds starring, the reaction was mixed. The last time he played Deadpool in “Wolverine”, it didn’t go so well, but it wasn’t totally his fault. Of course when Reynolds starred in “The Green Lantern”, that shyt WAS totally his fault! No one thought he would ever come back from that failure. Still, the buzz for “Deadpool” was huge, and ladies and gentlemen, let me tell ya, Ryan Reynolds is back! “Deadpool” is the best thing to hit theaters since leather reclining seats and Merlot! When the opening credits are hilarious, you know you’re about to watch something special. I IMPLORE you to read the opening credits. “Deadpool” is an origin movie about how Wade Wilson, a ruthless mercenary, comes to be the Infamous Deadpool. Not only, is it an origin movie, but believe it or not, it’s a love story. Oh no, not your typical lovey-dovey, sappy type of love story, this one is a hardcore, Lil Kim kind of love story! Let’s not stop there, though, “Deadpool” is also one of the greatest superhero action movies ever! But wait, there’s more. In addition to bullets and bare bottoms, this is beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the best comedies out right now. How in the world do these three genres fit into one film? Flawlessly!

Right from the beginning, the action is furious. Graphic fight scenes ensue, complete with heads flying and cars crashing on highways, something you don’t see every day during rush hour. In the midst of all this, Deadpool actually talks to the audience, and gets right back to the carnage without missing a beat. The script is non-linear and sometimes that can confuse people, but not in this case. The way he goes back in time to explain why he does what he has to do is brilliant. Without those time-shifts, “Deadpool” would’ve have been a success. As the antagonist Ajax, actor Ed Skrein kills it! He is an emotionless badass who doesn’t give 2 shyts about anything other than the complete annihilation of Deadpool. He is a formidable foe, indeed which is something most superhero movies lack these days. Mornena Baccarin’s portrayal of Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa is on point. She has that emotional vulnerability necessary to pull the audience in when it’s time for those serious moments between her and her man. She’s a handful, too, don’t get it twisted! Other X-men characters add flavor to “Deadpool” such as Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The interaction between them is hilarious, especially Colossus and Deadpool. You have to witness it! The fight scenes between Colossus and Angel dust are epic! The pacing of this movie is perfect. It never really slows down, even in the slower moments. It is fantastically written and directed. From beginning to end, “Deadpool” delivers! Let’s go to the pool party… the Deadpool party!

“Deadpool” isn’t your average superhero flick. This is something you’ve NEVER seen before! The action is superior, the comedy is three-times-dope, and the love story aspect is old-school and organic. This is truly an adult movie, one of the best in a looooong time. Marvel has a mega-hit on its hands. I’m giving “Deadpool”…a Co-sign CLASSIC! This will probably change the way superhero movies are made the same way “Batman Begins” did. Definitely check this one out, more than once! I didn’t see this in IMAX (sometimes I get in movies for free) but I’m sure it rocks. There are soooo many things I can say about “Deadpool”, how it pokes fun at itself, how Reynolds pokes fun at his past failures and X-men references, but you’ll see what I mean. Even though it’s kinda cold outside, take your clothes off and jump in the Deadpool!


Deadpool also smashed the box office this weekend!


The R-rated “Deadpool” has taken the box office by storm, annihilating records with an eye-popping $135 million from its first three days in U.S. theaters, according to comScore estimates Sunday.

The Fox film, which stars Ryan Reynolds as the foul-mouthed superhero, easily trounced last year’s record-setting $85.2 million February debut of the erotic drama “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It also became the biggest R-rated opening ever, surpassing “The Matrix Reloaded,” which opened to $91.8 million in May of 2003.

Did you see it yet?

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