Crimson Peak review


Crimson Peak review by Brian CoSign

This happens to be one of my favorite times of the year.

This is the time when I get to blast “Minds Playing Tricks on Me” from my car…”This year Halloween fell on a weekend. Me and Geto Boys are trick-or-treatin.”

This is the time when I buy top-shelf Halloween candy and pass it out to the kids, so they can say I have the best candy in the neighborhood (you don’t want your car getting egg’ed because you passed out that nasty candy with the brown and orange wrappers). This is the time when I look on Instagram to see who has the dopest costumes at the adult Halloween parties (those nurse outfits with the mini-skirts…cot-toe-mighty!).

This is also the time when Hollywood tries to scare the shyt outta us with its latest batch of horror movies. This year, A-list director Guillermo del Torro reaches into his bag and hands out Crimson Peak.

Is this film the “Hershey bar” of horror flicks or is it as bad as candy corn? Let’s go!

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