‘Creed II’ Review Written By B. Gunn

Wassup, y’all! In this corner…coming in with a total running time of 130 minutes…defending its movie title belt this Thanksgiving weekend against major competition…I give youuuuu…CREEEEEEED II!!!!!!!!

Michael B. Jordan puts the gloves on once again as Adonis Creed in the sequel to his 2015 box-office hit, “Creed”. It brings back the boxing team of Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, and Phylicia Rashad along with the new fight crew of Dolph Lungren, Florian Munteanu, and Wood Harris.

After being placed in obscurity, Ivan Drago is now training his son Vicktor who is carrying on the brutal tradition of his pops; handing out two-pieces to his opponents like a Feed The Homeless drive. Fate – along with some greedy intervention – brings the Dragos to the states to issue a challenge to Adonis and Rocky, thus renewing a rivalry in the Balboa/Creed/Drago family feud. This is undoubtedly Adonis’ greatest challenge in the ring. Outside the ring, life has him up against the ropes. This is why “Creed II” is more than your average boxing drama. Round one!

Obviously, the “David vs. Goliath” trope is in effect because it works. Although both of these guys are in tremendous physical shape (I gotta get my a$$ in the gym after seeing this movie), Drago towers above Creed, making the odds insurmountable. Sure, you’ve seen that before. What makes “Creed II” so undeniably compelling is its relationships between characters and the obstacles they face. There are layers to this joint, y’all. Bianca, played by Thompson, and Adonis are faced with a challenge they can’t solve by punching their way out of.

Rocky is ducking and dodging an internal match, but I think the most intriguing storyline is the relationship between the Dragos. Yeah, they are billed as the antagonists, but are they really? A lot of damage has been inflicted upon them. Are they truly the bad guys, or victims of circumstance? Dialogue is the champion in “Creed II”.

All the actors have undefeated chemistry, so when they have scenes together, those emotional talks evoke all kinds of feelings, and you’ll definitely be in your feelings! Let me school you on the fight scenes, because hey, I can talk you to death about dialogue and character development, but uh ruh, you wanna know how Creed handles himself in the ring, right? I gotcha! Round two!

“Creed II” is PACKED with action! It’s not even the fights themselves, but the way they are shot. At one point, you’re actually seeing one person’s point-of-view with clever camera work, like you are the one delivering bone-breaking body blows. Jordan and Munteanu keep it all the way real with the choreography. I swear you’ll feel like you’re watching an actual boxing match.

These guys leave it all in the ring in true “Rocky” fashion. With each shot delivered, your own head will hurt, your own body will double over, and that’s word to Mike Tyson. What would any “Rocky” associated movie be without an inspirational training montage and film score, right? Maaaaaaan listen, once you witness these fall-down-get-back-up scenes, I guarantee you’ll want to enroll in some boxing classes.

I do have an issue with the 1st act, however. It rushes through to set up the fight between Creed and Drago. I wouldn’t have minded maybe 5-7 extra minutes of explanation because the story would flow better. Some vital information was glossed over. However, the overall decision of “Creed II” is unanimous – the champ is here!

I’m co-signing it to the fullest. What’s my prediction of other movies going toe-to-toe with “Creed II”? Like Clubber Lang said in “Rocky 3”, My prediction??? PAIN…

Have you seen the film? What are your thoughts?

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