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‘Aquaman’ Review By B. Gunn

Welcome to Atlantis where the playas play, and they ride seahorses like every day – among other things. The DCEU (DC Extended Universe) is hoping to get back to Glory with the long-awaited production of “Aquaman”, starring Jason Momoa, Amber Herd, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

If you’re not up on this hydro-hero, he’s the King of Atlantis, a member of the Justice League, and talks to fish. It’s a bit more complex than that but I’m giving you the abridged bio of the guy.

In this film, Aquaman, or Arthur Curry, his government name, must travel to his other home of Atlantis to stop Orm, the current ruler of the kingdom and perfectly played by Wilson, from planning a catastrophic deed. Problem is, Arthur’s like a fish out of water down there, and if he’s not careful, Orm will have him sleeping with the tunas. In the past, DCEU movies, with the exception of “Wonder Woman” haven’t been well received by most audiences. Director James Wan said “Gimme the bag and chill. I gotcha covered.” He went into the lab and banged out one of the best Superhero movies I’ve seen. Holy Mackerel!

Jason Momoa takes the character of Aquaman and re-defines it. Unlike the traditional role, this character hates responsibility but receives pleasure from helping those in need. He loves being the “regular guy”. That dichotomy gives Aquaman layers. He’s hella funny, and when the time comes for him to be dramatic (well, as dramatic as a comic-book movie script allows) he’s able to flip-flop emotions like a salmon on dry land. Dude is witty and charismatic, a far cry from the super-serious comic book hero. Good job, J! Huh, what was that? Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s aiight-lookin’, nothing special.

Amber Heard is Mera. She has much more purpose in this movie than she did in “Justice League”. Something is fishy, however. Her character then as opposed to this “new” Mera may have you scratching your head. I won’t give it away, but uh ruh, things have changed regarding her relationship with Aquaman. Just remember that, ok? And when it hits you – just go with it. This Mera is a lot better!

Let me talk about Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta. Yoooooo, this is how an antagonist should be…ruthless! Writers did a phenomenal job with his backstory. He’s not just a “bad guy”. This is the genesis of a nemesis, and you’ll understand his hatred toward Aquaman. Is he justified or his he certified crazy? That’ll be for you decide.

Visually, “Aquaman” is the most breathtaking film I’ve laid eyes on since “Black Panther”. Atlantis looks like Paradise submerged. It is absolutely captivating. The attention to detail on the sea life is magnificent. Before this movie came out, I was wondering how they’d have characters talking and moving underwater without waves, currents, and bubbles interfering. I can honestly say I was IMPRESSED!

This thing had me believing a race of people could very well be living in the sea. From the characters to the Atlantean technology – prepare to be awe-stricken. The action in “Aquaman” hits you like a tidal wave! There’s a fight sequence early on in the 1st act that sets the bar, then the bar raises…and raises…and raises. Battles on land, battles in the water, battles in ships, rap-battles…just kidding about rap battles, but you get the point.

There is a colossal scene in the 3rd act and I promise, you’ll be like… COT-TOE-MIGHTY!! The 2nd act has a bit of a lull in the action, but not a lullaby, because it picks right back up. “Aquaman” is like “Star Wars” underwater. You’ve never, and I mean NEEEVER seen anything as extraordinary as this. I’m co-signing “Aquaman” to the fullest! Check this out in IMAX, y’all. There is a mid-credit scene, too, so stay for it.

Congratulations, DCEU, “Aquaman” is keeping you afloat, and that’s no fish tale!

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Aquaman made a huge splash with a $67.4M opening weekend at the box office! ?

Have you seen it?

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