Marvel Entertainment rolls the dice with the new flick Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, and Corey Scott. I say, “roll the dice” because outside of comic-book geeks (myself included), moviegoers at large don’t know anything about this superhero. Rudd plays Scott Lang, a recently-released petty criminal striving for a good life so he can take care of his daughter. Douglas plays Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man who actually discovered the subatomic particles known as the “Pym Particle” that make it possible for the transformation from big to small and communication with ants. Then we have Darren Cross, played by Stoll, who is Pym’s former protégé who took over Pym’s company. He’s in his feelings because Pym never shared the shrinking technology with him so he’s on a mission to replicate it…which will have dire consequences if he succeeds. Pym recruits Scott to become the new Ant-Man in an effort to thwart the evil intentions of those planning to use the same technology. What we have here is more than your regular ultimate superhero movie; this is a film about the ultimate heist.

Ant-Man goes in a different direction and downplays the powers of its protagonist. This movie relies more on comedy first, action second. It’s not a comedy by any means, but there’s enough tongue-in-cheek humor, funny one-liners, and comical compromising positions, you can’t help but to laugh throughout this film. Scott’s attempts at initial contact with the ants and his combat training by Hope Van Dyne (Lilly) is hilarious! The powers he possesses on paper may look boring, but how they are used onscreen is magnificent. He’s not trying to save the world on a grand scale; he’s utilizing his abilities and help from his friends to stop one main bad guy from carrying out an evil deed. Less is more in Ant-Man. You won’t see any huge, over-the-top mega explosions or a million fight-scenes with a bunch of cannons and lasers and mystic hex powers – well maybe lasers – but you will see a cleverly well-produced Ocean’s Eleven type movie with super powers and a few well-crafted action and fight sequences thrown in. Douglas’ character Hank Pym is the most interesting. They did a fantastic job with his backstory. The audience will be able to relate to Rudd’s character the most because we all know someone wanting to redeem themselves after adversity.

The co-stars, Tip “T.I” Harris, Michael Pena, and David Dastmalchain, are Scott’s homeboys and perfect comic reliefs! There is also an entertaining confrontation between Ant-Man and an Avenger…I won’t say anymore on that but you’re gonna love it! There’s suspense, double-cross, comedy, and action in this flick which more than compensates for one of Marvel’s lesser-known heroes. Now, as with any Origin movie, Ant-Man gets a little uninteresting after the first 25 minutes. The ending of the 1st act is dull, but it does that to set up character development – I’m just warning you. However, the 2nd act picks up and stays strong until the very end. Ant Man proves that big things do come in small packages. Word to Mighty-Mouse!

Ant-Man made a believer out of me. I was very entertained and satisfied. Marvel Entertainment has created a formula that its core-audience will be happy with and the casual fan will love…and that ain’t easy! There are scenes that will tie in other Marvel Universe movies down the line so make sure you watch for those. Also, there is a mid-credit scene that’s ill and an end-credit scene that’s iller so stay the ENTIRE time. I’m giving Ant-Man a Full Price Co-Sign, y’all! Go check it out. 3-D isn’t necessary, by the way. I wonder if I can call Ant-Man and see if he can get rid of these dayum mosquitoes and flies that always come to my cookouts? Then again, he may want a few “to go” plates as payment.

Uhh…nevermind, I’ll keep spraying OFF on myself.


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