Ant-Man Movie Review


Now, when I heard Marvel Entertainment was making a movie about Ant-Man, I said to myself really loud, “They done lost their dayum minds!” Ant-Man…really? Keep it 100 with me, fam, you all were like, “Who the @#$% is Ant-Man!?”

What kind of powers does he have? What? All he does is shrink and control ants? You gotta be f’ing kiddin me?! Well, I was skeptical too, but I thought back to another lesser-known group of heroes called The Guardians of the Galaxy and how well-produced that movie turned out to be. Marvel has a pretty good track record of churning out quality Super-Hero films. So…reluctantly, I decided to give this Ant-Man dude a shot. As the movie started, I said to myself really loud, “Aiight Ant-Man, I just spent $13.00 (in 3-D) that I could’ve used for a 2-breast dinner at BoJangles so you better not let me down!” Soooo, is Ant-Man a GIANT hit, or does it need to be sprayed with insect repellent? Let’s go!

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