Ghost In The Shell

5 Reason Why You Should See ‘Ghost In The Shell’

On Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta advanced screening of Ghost in the Shell with a few of my ICCers.

The film hits theaters nationwide today (March 31).

Now, I have to be honest and let you know…these films usually aren’t my type of hype, but I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.

So, I thought I’d give you 5 reasons why you should check out the film.

1. Scarlett Johansson Is Action Movie Bae

One thing is for sure…and two things are for certain: Scarlett is fine and she delivers in action films. Don’t let the good looks and smooth taste fool ya. Scarlett Johansson will hit you with two to the body and one to head while you’re staring at her banging body.

2. It’s Visually Dope

The film is set in a metropolitan city that looks like a virtual reality world….on crack! Someone definitely let their imagination fly with the gorgeous (and busy) backdrop. If you have a touch of ADHD like myself – you’d definitely have to get out of town or your brain will ooze right out of your ears.

Ghost In The Shell

3. It’s Action-Packed

There is no shortage of action, kickass fight scenes, gunfire and explosions in Ghost in the Shell. Make sure you take your nerve pills before entering the theater.

4. The Plot Twist Is Ill

Going into the film, you know there is going to be a plot twist at some point because Major is trying to find out who she really is and how the heck she ended up being Robot Bae. But, they stepped it up a notch with another twist we didn’t see coming. That’s all I’ll say about that. (Forrest Gump voice)

Ghost In The Shell

5. The Film Hits Home

With all of the advancements in medicine, technology, robotics, and prosthetics, this film really isn’t that far-fetched. Some of us already have cellphones attached to our hands! Ghost in the Shell also touches on missing and runaway teens.

Watch the Ghost in the Shell trailer below.



Do you plan to check it out?

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