Just when you think this story couldn’t get any worse…

The mother of missing 5-year-old Taylor Williams has been hospitalized after attempting suicide.

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Brianna Williams‘ suicide attempt (an alleged overdose) comes hours after a team searching for Taylor discovered human remains in a wooded area between Linden and Demopolis in Alabama.

Brianna Williams - Mother Of Missing 5-Year-Old Taylor Williams Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

Williams, a 27-year-old petty officer stationed with the Navy in Jacksonville, said when she woke up on Wednesday (November 6) her daughter was gone and the backdoor was open. 

But, as police began poking holes in Brianna’s story – she stopped cooperating with them. 

Investigators say it has been weeks since Taylor was last seen and her mother was a person of interest in the case.

Brianna Williams is facing felony charges of child neglect and providing false information to police in the case of her missing daughter, Taylor Williams.

Brianna was rushed to the hospital as officers were en route to arrest her.

State Attorney Melissa Nelson said Tuesday that her department’s work is just beginning.

The amount of information we have is, frankly, staggering and the legal implications complicated.

This will require the systematic investigation of every piece of information, item of evidence, and lead to date.

Brianna Williams is listed in serious condition with life-threatening injuries.

This story is developing…check back for updates.

Sources: NY Daily News + NBC News