The mother who reported her 5-year-old daughter, Taylor Williams, missing on Wednesday has stopped cooperating with police. 

Brianna Williams, a petty officer stationed with the Navy in Jacksonville, said when she woke up on Wednesday her daughter was gone and the backdoor was open. 

But, as police began poking holes in Brianna’s story – she stopped cooperating with them. 

Investigators say it has been weeks since Taylor was last seen. 

Last weekend, Taylor’s family moved out of their apartment and the people who helped them move said they “never once saw a child.” 

“It is strange because I didn’t even know she had a little girl,” neighbor Moses Young said.

Something ain’t adding up! 

Investigators are now asking anyone who has seen Taylor with her mother in the last six months to contact the police. 

Watch the report courtesy of “CBS This Morning” below:

Please say a prayer for Taylor Williams and let me know your thoughts on this.

Source: CBS News