Mo'Nique shuts down Netflix rumor

Somebody somewhere started a rumor that Mo’Nique had inked a $10 million deal with Netflix and her fans rejoiced all over the internet streets!

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Unfortunately, the information was untrue.

Mo took to social media to let folks know it was a “hoax.”

While she had the attention of her fans she also told Lee Daniels to “shut up!”

In case you missed it, Lee recently appeared on “Raq Rants” and he had plenty to say about the comedian and actress, who claims he had a hand in having her blackballed in Hollywood.

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Lee, who owes Damon Dash $2 million said:

I fought hard for her to get that job. I wanted her to get that job. And she was paid her money.

She was paid the money for the budget that we had. And for her to badmouth myself and Tyler and Oprah is disrespectful and it’s wrong. She’s out of pocket. She’s really wrong.

I respect her [as an] actor because she gave me her soul, but I gave her my soul. And for that she was given the Golden Globe and the Academy Award … and it breaks my heart that she feels that we blackballed her.

No one blackballed her. Mo’Nique blackballed her. And for her to continue to speak about Oprah and myself and Tyler is disrespectful.

He ended by saying, “Mo’Nique needs to shut up!