Mo'Nique - Whoopi Goldberg

Mo’Nique’s approach to her beef with Netflix appears to be turning folks off rather than rallying the troops.

During her interview on “Sway in the Morning,” Mo arguing the streaming service should put more respect on her name because she is the “most decorated comedian alive.”


Journalist Jawn Murray begged to differ in a post on his Instagram page, where he pointed out Whoopi Goldberg, who has a Grammy, a Tony, an Oscar and an Emmy, is the most decorated comedian alive.



That’s when things went completely left and Mo’Nique said Whoopi isn’t a stand-up comedian.


See their exchange below.

MoNique - Jawn Murray - Whoopi Goldberg-2

MoNique - Jawn Murray - Whoopi Goldberg-1-2

Whoopi has tour dates scheduled as I type this post.

Your thoughts?