Mo’Nique told the crowd:

When I said I was in an open marriage, everyone assumed that’s what Sidney wanted because I was a fat girl and because I had the money I would just settle to have a man that fine want to be with me.

But, what nobody knew was that the open marriage was not his idea…it was mine.

Because at that time in my life, I had the attitude, “N***a, I’m a baller..I’m a muthaf**kin shot caller…”

We were in the Bahamas for a night and I said, ’N***a, check this out…’ keep in mind I’m talking to my best friend since we were 14-years-old – this ain’t no new n***a! I said to my best friend, ’N***a, check this out…from time to time, a b**ch travel the world and from time to time I like to f**k other n***as!”

My best friend said to his best friend, ‘I love you so muthaf**kin much you f**kin another n***a ain’t got sh*t to do with me! If that’s what’s going to make you happy, go f**k another n***a. But, you know I can f**k other b**ches?”

Then, I said, “Wait a minute…!’

Well, alrighty then!

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