Mo’Nique recently sat down with Hip Hollywood to explain why she referred to “sista” Whoopi Goldberg as “the help.”

The comedian and actress proceeded to explain how she too, was also the help at one point and time in her career until her husband, Sidney Hicks, showed her the way.

I told the truth and what happens is we are not in a society where the truth is offensive.

See, I too, have been the help and the very man Whoopi Goldberg told me to get rid of, which is my husband and my manager, he said, ‘Mama, you’ve gotta stop being the help. Because 100 years from now, when your image is on that screen somebody else’s family benefits from that – not mine.’

So, I wasn’t saying it to do a dig, I wasn’t saying it to spill no tea…I’m 51-years-old. I’m too damn old to be diggin and shadin’ – I’m just saying the truth.

Watch the video below.



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