Mo’Nique stopped by “The Breakfast Club” this morning and as you can imagine things got real – real quick.

You may recall, Charlamagne gave Mo “Donkey of the Day” last month after she accused Netflix of race and gender bias and asked all of her “Loves” to boycott them.

Mo’Nique didn’t appreciate getting “Donkey of the Day” and she came to get some answers and some straightening this morning.

The comedian and award-winning actress kicked it off by calling Charlamagne by his government, Lenard, and accused him of misusing his platform and devaluing black women.

At one point Mo’Nique said:

You don’t know the history of this business that you’re in!

You sit behind this microphone and try to be the guru of Black culture.

I’m gonna need you to know the history of us before you begin to label us.

Get into this clip below where Mo was reading Charlamagne and said she and her husband, Sidney Hicks, made a counter-offer to Netflix – to which he, by phone, said they did not. Ooop!

Watch the super intense and at times extremely awkward interview in full below.

Your thoughts?