Moniece Slaughter’s Family Seeks Help For Her Mentally Ill Brother On ‘Dr. Phil’

Moniece Slaughter and her family are set to confront her mentally ill brother, DJ, on the “Dr. Phil” show today (November 8) in hopes of getting him the help that he refuses, but so desperately needs.

Here’s the scoop:

David and Marla say they were shocked when a video emerged on social media of their 28-year-old son, DJ, walking the streets of Los Angeles naked. Both David and Marla say they are very concerned for his mental health.

They claim that DJ is delusional and say their son believes he’s engaged to Rihanna, works alongside the likes of Jay-Z, Drake, and Beyoncé, has amassed a fortune of $700 billion and is the most powerful person in the world, with Presidents Trump and Obama working for him.

Marla and David claim DJ is violent and poses a serious danger not only to himself but also to others. DJ’s sister Moniece, one of the cast members of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, says her brother is at his most extreme place in terms of his emotions, and she claims that he is mentally ill and in denial.

But DJ claims he is misunderstood by his family and says there is nothing wrong with him.

Watch the sad clip below.

Will you be tuned in?