Monica Brown - Just Right For Me Video-1


Monica Brown has released the official music video for her jam, “Just Right For Me” featuring Lil Wayne.

The long-awaited Rite Brothers-directed visual features Mo and Weezy kicking it at the skateboard park and the arcade.

In the video, Lil Wayne tries to teach Monica how to ride a skateboard. In a post on Instagram she wrote, “Listen, skateboarding is NO JOKE… Trying to turn alone was a task… Watching Wayne fly around like a Pro was a reminder of how important it is to push towards things your passionate about.. Nobody has to live your life but you, so so don’t miss out on walking in your purpose trying to please others…”


Monica Brown - Just Right For Me video - Lil Wayne


The best part of the video was the cameo by Laiyah!


Monica Brown - Just Right For Me video - Laiyah Brown


Watch Monica’s “Just Right For Me” video.