Monica Brown Says She Will Never Blame The ‘Other Woman’ For A Man Cheating (Video)

The scandalous situation involving Nicole Murphy and Lela Rochon‘s husband, Antoine Fuqua, has caused quite a bit of chatter and dialogue.

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On social media, people have weighed in and debated on everything from “how do you greet your family friends” to “who should carry the blame when a woman has an affair with a married man?”

Well, Monica Brown, who recently split from her hubby, Shannon Brown, jumped in the convo to let everyone know she will never blame the “other woman” when a man cheats.

She went to explain that it is the responsibility of the person who exchanged vows with you to protect your heart and honor your marriage.

Watch below.

While I totally agree with Monica – we cannot excuse the behavior of women who purposefully seek out married men or knowingly carry on an affair with another woman’s husband.

That woman doesn’t owe the wife anything – the husband does – but she can still catch hands.

Your thoughts?

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