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Monica Brown Says She Will Never Blame The ‘Other Woman’ For A Man Cheating (Video)

Monica Brown weighs in on blaming the “other woman” when your man cheats. Get the scoop.

The scandalous situation involving Nicole Murphy and Lela Rochon‘s husband, Antoine Fuqua, has caused quite a bit of chatter and dialogue.

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On social media, people have weighed in and debated on everything from “how do you greet your family friends” to “who should carry the blame when a woman has an affair with a married man?”

Well, Monica Brown, who recently split from her hubby, Shannon Brown, jumped in the convo to let everyone know she will never blame the “other woman” when a man cheats.

She went to explain that it is the responsibility of the person who exchanged vows with you to protect your heart and honor your marriage.

Watch below.

While I totally agree with Monica – we cannot excuse the behavior of women who purposefully seek out married men or knowingly carry on an affair with another woman’s husband.

That woman doesn’t owe the wife anything – the husband does – but she can still catch hands.

Your thoughts?

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