Monica Brown addresses Shannon Brown cheating rumors

Monica Brown Addresses Shannon Brown Cheating Rumors

First, the Fat Boys break up and now this…

Monica Brown has taken to social media to sorta address the multiple reports and rumors of Shannon Brown stepping out on their marriage.

Multiple gossip blogs have obtained alleged screenshots from women who claim the singer’s husband has been hooking up, purchasing plane tickets, and having sex with them behind her back.

One “mistress” claimed the former NBA baller told her he doesn’t get the love and affection he needs at home. Chile…

Below is an example of the madness floating around in these internet streets:


Shannon Brown cheating DMs


On the outside looking in, one would assume Monica and Shannon have a picture-perfect marriage. One woman claims that’s exactly what it is…just pictures.

Monica took to Instagram on Thursday and said she doesn’t discuss her problems with people and she refuses to give the devil glory.

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