Momma Dee


Momma Dee is giving the scoop on her alleged dine and dash incident over the weekend that left the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star sitting in a Milwaukee jail.

[‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Momma Dee Arrested After Her Birthday Dinner Left Her Footing The Bill]

The self-proclaimed Queen of the South told TMZ, while she was using the restroom, her dinner party slid out of the restaurant. Momma Dee said when she came out of the restroom she was bombarded by restaurant managers and police officers, who were accusing her of dining and ditching.

The reality star said she had no quarrels with paying for her own food, but she refused to pay the $500 bill for the other people in her party. As a result, she was arrested and later released on $250 bail.

Clearly, Momma Dee needs to get them squares up out of her circle. Real friends wouldn’t have done her dirty like that.


Moments ago, Momma Dee announced all charges against her stemming from her restaurant arrest have been dropped.

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