The Indiana woman who alerted authorities to her son’s plans to carry out a school shooting is now facing charges.

Mary York called the police on December 13 and told them her son, Brandon Clegg, had taken her boyfriend hostage at gunpoint and was headed to Dennis Intermediate School to carry out a school shooting.

When Brandon arrived, armed with a pistol, rifle, ammunition, and two Molotov cocktails, the police were there and prepared to stop him.

Brandon fired six rounds after officers before taking his own life.

Now, his mother, is being charged in connection to the shooting and she’s behind bars in Wayne County Jail.

Mary York has been charged with one count of dangerous control of a child, four counts of neglect of a dependent and one count of criminal recklessness.

Mary York charged

Prosecutors say Mary was well aware of her son’s mental issues, battles with depression and thoughts of homicide and she failed to get him the treatment he needed.

She reportedly took him out of a treatment center against medical advice, stop filling his medications, left him alone because she had to work, and she failed to properly store the weapons in her home to keep Brandon from having access to them.


Source: NY Daily News

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