Woman Sentenced To 15 Years In Jail For Hot Car Death Of Her 13-Month-Old Daughter

A Georgia woman has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for the hot car death of her baby girl.

On June 15, DiJanelle Fowler, 25, left her 13-month-old daughter, Skylar Fowler, in a car for almost 6 hours while she got her hair done.

She claims she left her car running, but at some point the car cut off leaving Skylar to suffocate in the car.

DiJanelle didn’t check on her baby ONCE over the course of 6 hours. When people inside the salon asked about her baby she told them the child was with a relative.

Police say surveillance shows DiJanelle Fowler didn’t panic when she returned to her car. She simply asked someone to give her a jump. While getting a jump, she quickly Googled “signs of a seizure.”

DiJanelle then called her Godfather and said she wasn’t feeling well. She drove to an Emory physician parking deck where she was found unconscious and the baby was found dead.

Police say Fowler went on the run to multiple locations including Miami and South Carolina before turning herself in.

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A shame…a pitiful shame.