Don’tcha hate when something that was intended to be sweet ends up turning sour and ugly?

Mimi Faust‘s WNBA boo, Tamera “Ty” Young, posted a sweet selfie of herself and Eva Giselle on Sunday with the caption:

#SelfieSunday with boss baby. ? She looked at my IG today and said heyyyyy mommie has way more pics than me ???

#TY1 #FOE #ForeverYoung #LiveLaughLove

Apparently, the post rubbed Stevie J the wrong way because he slid down in the comments and suggested Mimi and Ty adopt a child as a not-so-subtle reminder that Eva is his daughter.

That’s when Ty rolled up her sleeves and let her IG fingers do the talking!

She kindly pointed out how petty Stevie was being rather than embracing the fact that someone else loves his daughter dearly.

Ty also informed him that her ovaries are working just fine and she’ll carry the couple’s new baby so Eva will have a sibling in the house.

Oh, but she wasn’t done – Tamera Young also called Stevie J an “Instagram dad” who ONLY spends time with Eva when the cameras are rolling. Eeeek!

Peep the posts below.

After getting checked, Stevie responded saying he meant no harm with his initial comment.

He went on to tell Ty to never speak on his child again.

Tamera Young has more smoke for Mr. Jordan…

But, the plot thickened when Joseline Hernandez slid into The Shade Room comments to add how Stevie is an alleged deadbeat to Bonnie Bella too! Yikes!

It looks like Steebie may be slipping in these parental streets.

But, he definitely did film with Eva for the new season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” which premieres tonight at 8/7c on VH1.

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Your thoughts on these shenanigans?