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Miles Brock Mocks Milan Christopher’s Alleged Relationship With Moniece Slaughter

Miles Brock isn’t sipping the kool-aid when it comes to Milan Christopher‘s alleged relationship with Moniece Slaughter.

DELIVERT: Milan Christopher Opens Up About Dating Moniece Slaughter

The “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star mocked his “delivert” ex in an Instagram video by asking Hazel E to be his boo.

Since everybody out here with these new so called relationships…Hazel, will you be my girlfriend? I love you.

Will you be my girl?

Peep the video below.


Speaking of Milan and Moniece….the jig is up!

A day after professing his love for her, Milan returned to social media to say they are not dating or having sex.

But, he did credit her for making him open to the idea of dating a women.


Milan Christopher - Moniece Slaughter

*insert eye rolling emoji*

In other Miles Brock news…

The charges against him for allegedly punching Milan in the face have been dropped!

Via TMZ:

TMZ broke the story when Brock was arrested for allegedly punching Christopher in the face during a party in NY. Brock’s attorney tells TMZ they got witness statements that contradicted Milan’s claims and therefore, the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Sources close to Milan tell a different story, saying he just didn’t want to keep flying back and forth from L.A. to NYC to deal with the case … so he dropped the charges.
The he said/he said might not be done yet — Brock’s attorney says his client is considering a possible defamation suit against Milan.

A defamation suit? Chile….

Your thoughts?


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