Last week, Milan blasted Miles for being a liar and a fraud who only came out on television for a check.

WHOA: Milan Christopher Blasts Miles Brock For Being A Lying Fraud Who ‘Came Out For Fame & Checks!’

It’s not my fault Miles fraud a** lied to amber, for 10 plus years. Some 1 he allegedly was in love with at 1 point and some1 he allegedly calls his bestfriend, and lied to me for 2 1/2 years some1 he allegedly was in love with and some1 who was *supposed* to be his 1st and last male experience. Which I Def know is A MF f**king lie. While mfs all on his page calling him strong and tap dancing with the pity party for coming out for a check & fame on reality tv.

Before the altercation with Milan, Miles Brock stopped by “The Breakfast Club” for a very candid NSFW convo about his life, his relationship, and his sex life.

Here are a few tidbits we learned from Miles’ interview.

He’s a bisexual “top” who doesn’t like to perform oral sex.

Milan was Miles’ first relationship with a man, but he was not his first male encounter.

Milan was the “woman” in their relationship. Miles says he’s the “n***a” in his relationships.

Miles is no longer interested in a relationship with Milan.

Watch Miles’ full interview with “The Breakfast Club” on page 3.