Kevin Hart - Mike Epps
Both Mike Epps and Kevin Hart played the hell out of themselves on social media while trying to troll and clap-back at one another.

The foolishness began when Kevin posted a video of himself doing a boxing workout with his trainer.

Mike came in and commented:

No of that sh-t work I a real fight ?

Kevin retorted:

@eppsie what u don’t do is proof read…erase it and right it again. P.S OG’s aren’t suppose to troll. Go do something Constructive that doesn’t involve watching me or my career for a change!!!! #CrabsInABarrell #EnvyBringsMajorJealousy

I captured the moment for your viewing pleasure and entertainment.



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It didn’t take long before folks began to point out to Kevin that it’s “write” not “right.” Not to mention “proofread” is one word – not two.

This was truly a Hooked On Phonics pot-meet-kettle moment between the catty comedians.

Before trolling Kevin Hart, Mike Epps took to Instagram and posted a lengthy message about the gatekeepers of Black Hollywood.

The post comes on the heels of Kevin’s “Breakfast Club” interview where he spoke (or boasted depending on who you ask) about how he is now in the position to create opportunities and open the door for others.

Mike considers those people as the gatekeepers of Black Hollywood.

Mike Epps - Black Hollywood

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