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Mike Epps Defends Bringing Kangaroo On Stage

Mike Epps is defending himself to those who accused him of animal cruelty after he brought a kangaroo on stage during his show in Detroit over the weekend.

Video surfaced online that shows the comedian and actor holding the kangaroo by his leash, dancing, and posing for pics during the Festival of Laughs comedy tour while the handler stands close by.

The poor kangaroo had no idea what was going on and looked totally uncomfortable. He eventually threw a backhand at Mike, who immediately let him go and ran off laughing.

See the clip below.

One fan blasted Mike writing, “Don’t get me wrong I love Mike Epps but that sh*t with the kangaroo was wrong. No wild animal should be around that much noise and screaming.”

Another fan wrote, “I commented on Mike Epps picture of him with that poor kangaroo on stage and said that it’s animal cruelty to have had it on stage.”

Mike attempted to defend himself by posting another video of himself feeding the roo after the show with the caption, “Yeh look how nice Iam 2 him! These guys are license zoo keepers! #iloveanimals.”


When that didn’t work. He deleted the video from his Instagram page.

Via TMZ:

The handler is Javon Stacks, who went viral last week for walking around Detroit with a kangaroo on a leash. He told MLive.com it’s part of a travelling exotic zoo, and claimed to have the proper licenses.

We checked, and it’s illegal to own a kangaroo in Detroit, but a rep for city Animal Control tells TMZ … because the animal appears to be from out of town, it would be up to state and federal authorities to decide if a crime had occurred.

Stacks told us the kangaroo was not harmed in any way Friday night, and the harness he used is not only legal — but preferable to a collar which could hurt the animal.

I cashed out on kangaroos after I saw those videos of them boxing folks and trying to break into homes.

Your thoughts on this?

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