Michelle Williams opened up about the hate she’s received over her interracial relationship with Pastor Chad Johnson.

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In a new video published to promote their new series, “Chad Loves Michelle,” the Destiny’s Child singer revealed social media has been very unkind to her.

Social media is a whole other thing.

I’ve been called a bed wench.

Someone said that I am ruining the legacy of my African bloodline.

All kinds of things…

But, the couple is turning the negative into a positive.

Michelle went on to say:

I think it has enabled Chad to learn more about me and it’s enabled me to learn more about him and where he’s come from.

Watch the clip below.

I have to be 100 percent honest and tell you I had no idea Chad was white.

When I saw their engagement photos I thought he was flourescent light-skinned.

Either way – it doesn’t matter to me. If they are happy and in love…I’m here for it.

Chad Loves Michelle” premieres Saturday, November 3 at 9/8c on OWN.

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