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Michael Vick’s Wife Puts Him On A Booty Ban

Not only did Michael Vick‘s remarks about Colin Kaepernick‘s hair get him dragged through the streets of social media and the press, it also left him in a drought at home.

In case you missed it, the former NFL star said Colin needs to cut his hair so he can look “presentable” and increase his chances of returning to the league.

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Like many of us, Michael’s wife, Kijafa Vick, was shocked and disappointed by his asinine remarks because he knows better than to judge or discriminate against someone based on their appearance.

Kijafa decided to teach her loose-lipped hubby a lesson by banning him from da booty for a week!

Watch it all go down on a sneak peek of their forthcoming VH1 reality series, “Baller Wives.”


Baller Wives” premieres on Monday, August 14th at 9/8c on VH1.

Will you be watching?

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