Michael Vick Caught Cheating?

We haven’t even completed the first 24 hours of 2018 and Michael Vick‘s spot has been blown to smithereens for allegedly cheating on his wife.

TSR received a video, which allegedly shows the former NFL-star-turned-sports-analyst in a hotel room with a woman who is NOT Kijafa.

The accompanying letter (written by a “friend”) claims Mike has been moonlighting with her homegirl when he goes to LA to film his sports show.

I know it’s a new year and all but I’ve had enough of Michael Vick out here playing my homegirl! He’s been hooking up with her on the side for a couple of months now when he flys to LA to film his sports show with Fox on the weekends.

He told her he wasn’t married at first and I’m just over seeing her take this L. Hopefully this married man, who just welcomed a baby boy back in November, can get it together for his WIFE.

Peep the video below.

Kijafa has been radio silent since the video went public.

But, a few days ago it was all good…

These dudes ain’t learned nothing from Kevin Hart….SMH