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I’ve loved Michael K. Williams ever since the first time I saw him walking through the projects wearing a dusty trench coat and a bulletproof vest with a shotgun over his shoulder.

The hairs on my arm would stand at attention every time I heard someone yell, “Omar coming!”

Michael has gone on to play what feels like hundreds of roles – notably Chalky White (“Boardwalk Empire”), Jack Gee (“Bessie”), Sweet Pea (“Triple 9”) and Freddy (“The Night Of”).

While his talent is undeniable, many of his roles left fans questioning his sexuality.

During his interview with “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday, Michael K. Williams addressed his sexuality saying:

You know, I’mma keep it 100 with you.

This last job I did in San Francisco – “When We Rise” – it made me look at a lot of things in my life that happened to me.

I’m a survivor of molestation…and we gone leave it at that. And yeah, I did question myself…and we gone leave that at that.

But, where I’ve been is really nobody’s business and what I do in my bedroom or have done in my bedroom – I’m not at liberty to talk about that.

But, I will say this much I definitely had to look at some things in my life and some questions in my life that got aroused in me playing my characters. So, I’m there with it right now.

He also opened up about his past drug addiction to cocaine.

I was living in Vandeveer up until the second season of ‘The Wire’ where I got evicted because I was on drugs.

My downfall…I’ll keep it 100…was coke. Yeah, I did smoke it. It was the 80’s and 90’s we didn’t have examples of crackheads.

It was shown to me as being something sexy. Dudes and women on the dance floor with leather and suede and fox hitting their personal pipe on the dance floor throwing their hands up.

I thought that was sexy. I was in those places way too young and I saw way too much way too early and I got exposed to a lot. I got a little turned out. But, it’s the grace of God that I’m here today to talk about it.

One of the things that stand out most about Michael K. Williams the prominent scar on his face.

He revealed he was cut with a razor blade during a bar fight in Jamaica, Queens on his 25th birthday.

Watch Michael K. Williams’ honest and insightful interview in full below.



I absolutely love this guy!