Michael Jace Sentenced In Wife’s Murder

Michael Jace was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison in a Los Angeles courtroom on Friday for the murder of his wife.

The former “Shield” actor was convicted of second-degree murder on May 31 for the 2014 shooting death of his wife, April Jace.

Via ABC News:

Jace, 53, had pleaded not guilty and, according to the Associated Press, claimed to investigators he did not mean to kill her in 2014 when he shot her. Jace had admitted to shooting April Jace once in the back and twice in the legs, according to the AP.

During his trial, Jace’s 10-year-old son testified that he heard his father taunt his mother before shooting her. Jace did not take the stand, but his attorney, Jamon Hicks, told jurors that Jace shot his wife in the heat of passion, that he “snapped,” according to the AP.

Prosecutor Tannaz Mokayef told jurors during the trial that the altercation stemmed from April Jace wanting a divorce.

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